Course 6805

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Course 6805

Postby Suitcase » Tue Mar 13, 2012 7:51 am

Hi there.

Just wanted to see how many of us are still around and on the 'Green Side' of the grass. My days at Cornwallis are solidly cemented into my brain and being!! I remember ...... most of it, and in particular the friendships and comraderie made during those days when we were one! Time passes and I suspect that there are some in the picture that are not with us today, but if there are any out there that have the thoughts of getting in touch, please don't be shy.
Wayne Spears posted the picture of our course and also the back of it where some of us signed it. Thanks for that Wayne. Glad to see you are still going strong and looking pretty much the same as you did during those 'awakening moments' of our military life...... some of us made it a career, others did not.
I spent 30+ years 'in the mob' and enjoyed every minute of it..... OK, most of it!!! Could/should have stayed longer, but that 'sense of adventure' was growing thin and other avenues opened up and I decided to take the plunge and retired in 1998.(30 years, 1 month and 16 days after signing on the dotted line). It was a good ride but this one, although a bit better, is not nearly as exciting..... nor does it pay as well.
At any rate, please try and post something on this media or drop me an e-mail at: Would love to hear from any of the 'family' that started their life in the mob on course 6805.
Until then take care and 'keep your stick on the ice'!

Harry A Mosher (Hank)

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