Photo Updates

Supply Techs Grad 1944 - Kim Conrad

St. Laurent Division Grad - 23 Feb to 4 July 1953 - Lynne Bergman

Ottawa Division Grad - 1959 - Dennis Carson

Kootenay 2/61 - Assault Course - …

New Candid and Parade Photos

Christmas Menu - 1942

74 - Oath of Allegiance - Les Panas

74 - Oct - Nov 74 - Infantry - Michael Mackey

7839W - Mary Nagle

7839W (2) - Mary Nagle

8043 - AS Letourneau 4PL 2SQ - …

More New Grad Photos

Unknown Class - March 1951 - Dave Berry

Ottawa 1-61 - Jan-May 1961 - Karl Janes

Ottawa 1-61 - Jan-May 1961 (2) - Karl Janes

Kootenay Division III - 1963 - Adrian Michon

Kootenay …

More New Basic Training Photos

Ottawa 1-61 Guns Crew Training - Karl Janes

Ottawa 1-61 Guns Crew Training 2 - Karl Janes

Ottawa 1-61 Guns Crew Training 3 - Karl Janes

Ottawa 1-61 Sponsors Korean Child - Karl …

The End of Conestoga - Another Piece of History Gone

All barrack blocks in HMCS CORNWALLIS were named after then-current and past ships of the Royal Canadian Navy – including a few ‘Stone Frigates’ (Commissioned Shore Establishments). …

Help us Raise The Roof!

The Cornwallis Military Museum is located in the old St. Georges Chapel on base, and now its roof needs some major repairs.

All told, it will cost upwards of $11k to fix, …

Fire at Cornwallis

We’ve recently received a photo from Gordon Johnson, sharing with us his time in St. Laurent Div in the spring of 1965!

And we’ve received a photo of recent fire damage to …

Graduation Pics and more!

Just got a new batch of Graduation pics in, as well as some Staff and Sports pictures! Also, please note that we've received a couple of pictures from unknown sources, of …

New Photos

We've recently received a large batch of new photos from a number of sources. You can follow the links below to see the new additions!

Canada Division - 8 Oct 1953 to 30 …

Cornwallis Gets an Update!

The Cornwallis Museum Site has been updated and revamped in order to keep with the ever-changing requirements of the Internet. Everything is in the same place, with all the …

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